The SBA Tuning Toolbox™
SBA has developed a range of "tools" that clients may utilize that assist them in attaining their goals. These tools create many of the systems and processes to ensure "Smooth Sailing for Entrepreneurs™"

These services are as follows:

For information on any of the above programs
please contact SBA at 295-7832.

The Financial Scorekeeping Process

SBA uses a variety of tools to "keep score" of your business. This service can be structured to prepare financial accounts on the appropriate basis for your business needs.
This service can be provided on site or in our offices.
The deliverable to you as a client is a set of financial statements including an Income Statement and a Balance Sheet prepared according to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

The Financial Analysis and Reporting Process

In order to effectively manage your business it is critical that the business develop an operating budget or spending plan in order to create a financial "road map". Based on this information SBA can then develop a comprehensive analysis and reporting package targeted towards your needs.
Using key financial ratios together with graphs and charts an easy to understand report is provided to clients, usually on a quarterly basis. Meeting with the clients and reviewing this report allows the "team" to assist the clients in meeting their financial objectives.

The Business Plan Development Process

As part of the effective management process it is often necessary for a client to develop an overall business plan. This is most often required by the stakeholders in the business in order to continue to advance capital funds or lines of credit for operations.
These plans include information on the business environment, competition, opportunities, and threats to the business in the short term operation. SBA can work with the client to develop a meaningful and useful plan to complement the financial "road map’ that has been developed above.

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