David Hills, C.A., President of Small Business Advisors Ltd. has provided counselling services to more than 650 North American and 350 Bermuda businesses since 1987. His easy going nature combined with a deep understanding of the inner workings of small business have given a leg up to both fledgling businesses and the more well established operations. His aim has always been to make business owners not only survive but also to grow the business beyond the hopes they establish for themselves.

David is a member of both The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Nova Scotia as well as in Bermuda. He is a Certified Licensee of The SuccessCare(TM)Program as well as being a Certified Facilitator for Myera Programs in Canada and Bermuda.

Anthony Foster is a native Bermudian and very successful entrepreneur, Anthony Foster is a man of spirit and possesses a "joie de vive", a great life-spirit that inspires many that meet him and know him. This great enthusiasm and trust in what life has to offer has helped Anthony become the very successful entrepreneur and person that he is today.

Education and practical training have been a vital part of Anthony's life goals. He acquired most of his early education in Bermuda then went on to complete an Associate Degree from Wesley College in Dover, Delaware and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Hofstra University in Long Island, New York. His education took a very practical turn at that juncture in his life. Anthony wanted training that could be applied to his ambitions of owning an assemblage of companies. That Anthony is a confident speaker and presenter and his dream is to use those skills along with his own life experiences to help others become successful. He is a Certified Facilitator for Myera (TM) Programs in Canada and Bermuda.

Raymond Tannock's business accomplishment and leadership ability makes him an excellent part of the Small Business Advisors team. A graduate of the Berkeley Institute, University of Maryland and the University of New Hampshire, Mr. Tannock exemplifies the human desire for self-improvement and achievement even in a sometimes challenging and difficult environment.

In 1985, Mr. Tannock purchased the Esso Service Station at Crawl Hill, turning this business into a crowning achievement of the Esso group of business in Bermuda. He now operates the Esso Facility in Warwick. He is involved with our community at every level bringing the same attention he gives to his business concerns is also demonstrated in his commitment to community service. For many years he has given quality time to supporting schools, his church and various government boards. He is the past Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Bermuda College, a member of the Board of Governors of Mount St. Agnes Academy and a past President of the Kiwanis Club. He is a Certified Facilitator for Myera (TM) Programs in Canada and Bermuda.

Clarence Borden provides accounting and consulting services to a wide range of small business enterprises in Bermuda. His background includes many yearss in the hospitality industry as well as experience in the construction industry. For the last several years he has focused his experience on assisting small, business.

His broad experience in coaching and counselling positions him to uniquely assist entrepreneurs and others


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