The Company focuses its services in two main areas; BUSINESS STRATEGY AND BUSINESS TACTICS. These are supplemented by the "SBA Tuning Toolbox", a suite of practical tools targeted towards assisting entrepreneurs in implementing their plans and programs. More importantly, we provide the measurement tools to assess results and to monitor progress. These then lead to us being able to work with the client to assess various alternative strategies to improve and enhance their business.

We provide these services under our umbrella of


We work with small and medium-sized business owners. We offer the The BizLaunch Bermuda Program for New Entrepreneurs(TM). It will assist you in identifying what you need to do in order to act on your dream of owning your own business. The program will educate you on all of the considerations and planning essential to initiating a new business.

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This program was developed in concert with Boomerang Business Strategies Inc. by David Hills and Karen Schellinck-Hills. This program assists entrepreneurs to identify and meet their life goals by transforming their vision into reality. The Vision Transformation Process™ helps these people optimize their money-making potential, enjoy a better quality of life, and achieve their life goals.

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The SuccessCareŽ Program is a unique business transition planning process.
Its purpose is to ensure business owners just like you have the appropriate resources to develop a plan that affords you more choice around how you transition the ownership and leadership of your business.

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Developed by David Hills, The Profit by Design Management System(TM) is your opportunity to begin achieving your Business goals by identifying the action priorities and creating an action plan to transform them into reality. This program starts with a Workshop where you identify your financial management priorities. The second session assist you in developing your strategies and action path while the third and last session assists you in creating the team to implement your plan.

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The Effectiveness Maximizer Program(TM) helps the entrepreneur to reach their business goals through a detailed review of all aspects of their Economic Engine(TM) We help them understand their current situation--both strengths and weaknesses--and create a powerful vision for the potential of their business. The program starts with a Workshop where the critical financial priorities are established. The program then consists of on-site review by SBA's professionals. There are six modules for the client to select and have analysis and recommendations made for their implementation.

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The Risk Assessment and Protection Program(TM) educates, informs, and assists entrepreneurs in understanding how to use insurance to protect their business operations, employees, and assets.

The program consists of a Workshop and one other evening session where we work with the entrepreneurs to identify all of their assets, the risks to which those assets are exposed, and then identify the various methods to protect these assets.

You will understand the protection you have and why, and what you would receive in the event of a loss. You will be making effective use of your investment in insurance protection.

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