Small Business Advisors works with a wide range of clients across Bermuda. Over the past twenty years we have done work for more than six hundred small business operations in Bermuda.

Our clients represent all business sectors and our services have covered such areas as:

  • Acting as CFO for a number of businesses.
  • Developing business plans for many businesses,
    both new and existing operations.
  • Assisting in development of strategic plans.
  • Conducting special studies for clients.
  • Carrying our operational reviews.
  • Developing detailed operating budgets.
  • Providing regular financial statements.
  • Creating detailed financial analysis and reporting packages.
  • Coaching entrepreneurs.
  • Providing seminars and workshops to small business.

Some of our clients are the following companies:

  • Bersalon Company Limited
  • Aberfeldy Nurseries Limited
  • ColorTone Painting
  • Ultimate Imaging Limited
  • Lamb Enterprises Limited (Black Horse Tavern)
  • Thomas United Company Limited (Upper Crust)
  • Hickory Stick
  • Atlantic Vision Care
  • Design Source International Limited
  • Medical House Limited
  • Golden Adventure Limited (Stefanel, et al)
  • IEL
  • Bermuda Sanitation & Engineering Limited
  • Retirement Lifestyles Advisors Limited
  • St. David's Esso
  • Emedia Inc.

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