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Reaction. Have you ever assessed how you make your decisions? We live in a world of reaction. It seems that what we do, when we do it, and even how we do it is measured by how we are reacting to some external event or circumstance in our lives. This is a necessary part of life but if one keeps doing this then we then live the saying - "If you keep doing it like you have been doing it, you will get the same results!" One needs to have a plan of action that moves you towards results you want to achieve. This is really the development of a road map that you can attempt to follow so you maximize the benefits you receive and earn. Many of you know what happens if you take the word "reactive" and move one letter to develop a better approach. You got it - move the "C" and you get creative! Your new approach has to be to create your future! So start today to be creative in your approach to decisions.

" You cannot govern the creative impulse; all you can do is to eliminate obstacles and smooth the way for it. "

- Kimon Nicoliades

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