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Seeing. How often do you walk or drive by a location and not really see what is there? We often seem to do our daily activities as though we are on remote control or are allowing someone with a Gamebox to control what we do! This is based on habit but in times like we are now in it is really essential that we all examine the habits that make us do what we do, how we do it, and what results we expect. Changing habits, learning new things, and making changes to our lives and processes is not an easy thing to do but if we all to succeed all of us have to look within, find a mentor, get a coach, and identify the steps to move forward and take advantage of every opportunity that will be available. This can be hard work but, in reality, it can be fun! So take a new look and open your eyes to the great things that lie ahead.

" Giving of yourself, learning to be tolerant, giving recognition and approval to others, remaining flexible enough to mature and learn - yields happiness, harmony, contentment and productivity. These are the qualities of a rich life, the bounteous harvest of getting along with people. "

- Jack C Yewell

If you wish to see articles on small business visit the FLIPBOARD App on your Smart phone look for the magazines – Bermuda Business Coach and if you have or know a person with diabetes also visit My Diabetes Life. Thanks.

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