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Ideas. I am certain most of you have wondered about creating new ideas. To many this seems difficult but if you reflect on your own ideas and what you have dreamed about doing you could likely create a fairly good list of ideas you have had. The real question becomes what ideas have been acted upon? If we look at the successes around us what we really see is the action taken by people with ideas and dreams and through hard work they realized some or all of their ideas. I am not talking about the ideas that turn us all into billionaires but the ones we each make every day that moves us forward one step at a time! This is how we all really make a difference to ourselves and to our community. As we move past a long weekend let's all try to take at least one idea and just make it happen.

" If you want to develop your creativity, establish regular work habits. Allow time for the incubation of ideas, and adhere to your individual rhythm. Violations of this rhythm can retard your creative efficiency. "

- Eugene Raudsepp

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