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Organize. When you look at your office do you feel it is well organized and or have you let things pile up so that it requires attention? Far too often we fall back on old habits and keep promising that we will get to the organization of our information sometime! The challenge is that it is often a very long time before we really do decide to take the big step and spend the time to put things in order. When we procrastinate like this we actually reduce our effectiveness and our productivity, and in some instances, we reduce our level of confidence about what we are doing. In order to move ahead and meet your goals it is important to clean up all of the messes that drain your energy and your confidence. The cleanup of the “messes” that are holding you back become your first action steps towards your tomorrow! So take a look around this week and in this month of August make a decision to start cleaning up and get things organized so your mind can be clear and focused on the bigger goals when you hit September and a new beginning!

" Take stock of your opportunities for cleanup. Take action to simplify your life. Clean up those loose ends. Target a mess a month and feel your energy and attitude soar. "

- Gary Lockwood

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