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Determination. In order to succeed at anything we want to do we must have a strong desire and will to do it. This has always been a key ingredient in ensuring that you meet your goals. We had a wonderful example of that this week. Our family is visiting and the two granddaughters enjoy the pool in the yard. The youngest, only 5, has been swimming with armbands but decided, with the help of her two grandmothers, that she wanted to discard the bands and just plain swim. Over about a ninety minute time frame this little girl swam and swam a few feet and each time the distance was greater. By almost dark she took off and swam the width of the pool! Not to be outdone, the older granddaughter took it upon herself to learn to dive. With the same kind of help she went through several steps of the process and will soon be diving in from the board. Notice the factors at play, a goal, a strong desire, complete determination, and coaches to help you reach your goal. Think about your own business, do you break down the process of improving your business in this manner and get help to do it? Progress is measured in small steps but the most important one is that first step – I will do it!

" You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction. "

- George Horace Lorimer

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