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Time. I find it interesting that as we age we seem to think that time goes faster than when we were younger. I find myself saying this to people. What causes us to think in this manner? If you look back you will note the milestones that you had as child and as a younger adult and new parent. There were always events in your life that you could refer back to and others that you looked forward to that seemed to take forever to arrive. As we get older we seem to lose milestones and not replace them with anything else so the time seems to slide by. If you have a business you are often shocked when you look back and realize just how long you have been doing it. The time is actually the same now as it was then - there are still 365 days in a year and twenty-four hours in a day. We made a new friend last week and she has always been a very active and adventurous person – her motto – “Do what you can, while you can!” Think about that for a minute – are you doing, are you taking adventures, are you learning new things, are you creating new milestones that will be in your recent memory rather than in your long term history? I would encourage all to develop action plans to create new milestones so the time, rather than slipping by what seems to be quickly, actually slows down. I believe we would stop saying that "time flies".

" Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it. "

- Leonardo da Vinci

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