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Habits. We all have heard the saying – “you cannot teach an old dog new tricks!” This is a way of saying that we cannot change our habits. Our habits are one way that we bring a rhythm to our lives through repetition. So many things we seem to do automatically and without really thinking about them. However, if you want to change the results you are getting you must change certain of your habits to effect this change. A habit can be changed if we do a new activity to replace it for twenty-one days. The key to getting the results you want is to develop a better set of habits in how you approach your work and your life. So make a list of the habits you wish to change and get started. Remember though not to try to change too many things at once, taking things one step at a time will ensure continual progress towards your goals.

" If you want to develop your creativity, establish regular work habits. Allow time for the incubation of ideas, and adhere to your individual rhythm. Violations of this rhythm can retard your creative efficiency. "

- Eugene Raudsepp

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