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Score. Today will be a day of scoring. Whether it be golf (The Masters), or other major sports they will be keeping track and letting us know the score. If you think about it we keep score of a lot of things, our weight, what we buy at the store, what we earn and what we spend, and many other events and activities in our lives. In our businesses we are supposed to keep score by creating budgets and forecasts, and developing systems to provide us with how we have actually have done. If you are not doing this in a meaningful way you are missing out on information that will help you have a better and more profitable business. One key with business is that a proactive approach is best – you do not want to wait and see a bad score (a loss) – you want to take steps to ensure that you make a profit and generate the cash flow to meet both your business and personal goals. So get some help and start now to create your future by developing a scoring system that works for you!

" The individual who knows the score about life sees difficulties as opportunities. "

- Norman Vincent Peale

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