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I can. When times are challenging and answers seem hard to find we often observe that many lose heart and when asked to take some action, their response is often "I can't". The real answer is that they are discouraged and not sure where to turn. These are normal reactions to stressful times but there are alternatives and the task is to identify what you can do. The first is to change the "I can't" to "I can". You are the person who can change your world - you have the skills and power to do that! Take a positive and a future looking approach and you will find the courage to start to do small things that change what is happening. Build a plan and a series of further steps that, in time, will move you to a new and better place. The key is to put a smile on your face and be positive in everything you do. Smiles are contagious and action brings more smiles and more "I cans".

" Courage is when you do what you have to do though people don't think you can. Courage is when you think you can't do something, but you do it."

- Adam McCord

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