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Unexpected. I do my best to educate my clients to always assess opportunities with the question, "what is the worst thing that can happen?" This approach ensures that you prepare for everything you can think of and are prepared for whatever that might be. Well, two weeks ago I had just such an unexpected event. I found myself unconscious on the floor of an office at a client's location. To say that I frightened the staff there would be a serious understatement. My guardian angel that day ensured that I got to the hospital and was treated immediately. Turned out that I had bleeding stomach ulcers from anti-inflammatory drugs I had been taking and had suffered a great loss of blood. The staff at emergency and the ward together with the specialists got me fixed up and on the right track after three days in the hospital (thank you). Was I ready for this? Not on your life - I had not taken my own advice, so now have personal knowledge as to why you create contingency plans not only for your business, but for your own life for your family and your friends. So learn from my experience and create your plans and make certain that the key people in your life and business know where to find them and what to act upon! I will apologize here for scaring so many people and I also want to thank all of those who helped and expressed their concern.

" One should expect that the expected can be prevented, but the unexpected should have been expected. "

- Norman Ralph Augustine

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