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Waves. For those of us who live on the ocean lying in bed or on a beach and listening to the sound of the waves hitting the shore is a magical experience. When the weather is tranquil the waves are small and the sound a refreshing one that is peaceful and makes one thoughtful and thankful. When the ocean shows its fury its waves that crash against the beach with sounds to match the storm everything that is near to it is affected in some manner. Align your own life with the ocean and you will find that you have periods of tranquillity surrounded by the storms of life such that cause all of us anxiety from time to time. As with the waves that ultimately return to their tranquil state so does your life. Take the time to enjoy the tranquil times so that you ready for the storms and can weather them and move ahead.

" I used to sit on the banks with a raft and watch the water roll lazily by. One day I pushed my raft into the shallows of the water and found the water moved swifter than I thought. My raft was actually a boat. Then, after some time, I rowed my little boat into deeper water. There were great storms, mighty winds, tremendous waves, and sometimes I felt so alone. But I have noticed my little rowboat is now a mighty ship manned by my friends and loved ones; and beautiful calm seas, warm sunny days, and nights filled with comfortable dreams always double after a storm. Now, I could never go back and sit on the bank. In fact, I search for deeper water. Such is life when lived ".

- B. D. Gulledge

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