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Reinvention. If I say the word Cirque - I am sure you immediately add the words "du Soleil". This Canadian company reinvented the circus and created a whole new standard of entertainment. Sunday evening Karen and I watched „The Beatles "Love" and what an amazing experience it was. When you combine the music of the Beatles, the amazing talents of the performers and the back stage folks, the staging, and the special effects, you end up with a toe tapping, sing along, non-stop performance that captures your attention and leaves you breathless by the end of the show. Talk about reinvention - creating experiences that enrich your life. Given the challenges that businesses faces in today's world it is imperative that all of us "reinvent" our businesses and create experiences that have meaning and leave our own clients breathless with their new opportunities. Take the time to initiate the action that will allow you to reinvent and recreate your business.

" You don't have to invent the airplane or create an empire to pursue a big dream of your own. Audacity is an equal opportunity trait. "

- James Champy and Nitin Nohria

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