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Foal. Most of you would know that I am not a horse person but that Karen is an experienced rider and teacher. This past week one of her friend's mares gave birth to a filly. We went to look at this new born at four days old. This was my first experience seeing this young a foal and she was up and full of energy, kicking its heels, wanting to run and explore everything in its new environment. She stuck close to her mother but did investigate us and allow us to touch her. The owner put a halter on this little piece of energy and proceeded to touch her and begin the process of teaching her how to walk on a lead and be familiar with people. The mare looked on concerned but, with encouragement, trusted the owner and the others to ensure the safety of her new born. This learning process is immediate so that you can influence the future behavior of the young horse. Waiting until they are older makes them that much difficult to train as they develop bad habits. As humans we all seem to develop some bad habits and too often we do not look for ways to change them. However it is a fact that any bad habits we have can be changed if adopt a new one and practice it for twenty-one days. What habits would you like to change so that you help yourself? Make a list and start the process - over a year you could change at least seventeen habits. Start with one and see the difference you can make. It is never too late to make changes.

“ The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of work. "

- Sarah Bolton

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