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Innovation. The only real way in which our current economy will recover is through innovation. The best example and it is very apropos this week is Apple. With the passing of Steve Jobs this past week the world lost one of the best innovators. When he returned to Apple it was on the verge of bankruptcy. He found unique and innovative ways through his creative genius to build the company to virtually the most valuable business in the world. How did he do that? He first had his team (and he did believe in very strong teams) identify what his strong believers (ie. Apple users) really wanted from Apple and in their lives. The response was music. This lead to the development of the Ipod and Itunes and we all know what has happened since. We must be innovative in the way in which we approach our businesses. The status quo is long gone and only new bold initiatives will ensure that we see strong economic growth as we look into the future. What can you do in your circle of influence to create innovative solutions in your lives and in your community?

"I actually think there's actually very little distinction between an artist
and a scientist or engineer of the highest caliber...They've just been to me people who pursue different paths but basically kind of headed to the same goal, which is to express something of what they perceive to be the truth around them so that others can benefit by it. "

- Steve Jobs

If you want inspiration watch the following video of Steve Jobs giving the
commencement address at Stanford a few years ago it is great food for
thought! (right click and open hyperlink)

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