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Happiness. How often do you hear people say they are unhappy? It seems that people feel that events, people, and circumstances that are outside of their control create their unhappy feelings. The challenge here is that they will forever feel this way and lose out on the opportunity to have a very happy life. I say to people - when you are shaving or putting on makeup in the morning - look at the image in the mirror and say "I will be very happy today!" Your happiness comes from within yourself and you dictate what you will feel. It is a state of mind that is reinforced by developing positive feelings, looking forward, and making things happen.

" Giving of yourself, learning to be tolerant, giving recognition and approval to others, remaining flexible enough to mature and learn - yields happiness, harmony, contentment and productivity. These are the qualities of a rich life, the bounteous harvest of getting along with people
. "

- Jack C Yewell

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