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Goals. I always see early September as the beginning of the new year. A time to reenergize after the summer, look forward, and get on track, be it business or personal. A great way to do this is to set a number of goals that you want to accomplish by December 31st. These can be simple goals but what is critical is to write them down and establish exactly what you would like to accomplish. You can then identify what steps you have to take in order to work towards these goals. Keep it simple and manageable and ensure that you can benchmark your progress every few weeks so you can adjust your efforts to assist in moving towards your goals. Remember that what is important is continual progress - treat yourself as you make this progress. Good luck.

" What does it mean to succeed? Most people see success as being rich and famous or powerful and influential. Others see it as being at the top of their profession and standing out from the rest. The wise see success in a more personal way; they see it as achieving the goals they have set for themselves, and then feeling pride and satisfaction in their accomplishments. True success is felt in the heart, not measured by money and power. So be true to yourself and achieve the goals you set. For success is reaching those goals and feeling proud of what you have accomplished. "

- Tim Tweedie

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