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Never give up. This past weekend was the last golf major of the year, The PGA Championship. As the tournament progressed it became apparent that there were two younger players who were giving it all their best shot even though their records did not necessarily indicate that they might do this. As the last round went into its final stages one of the players shot a triple Bogey on the 15th hole (that was a 6 on a Par 3). These last four holes on this course can best be described as brutal. At that point the other person had a five shot lead with just four holes to play – looked like a sure thing for him The younger player, a rookie on the tour with a win already this year, then proceeded to make incredible shots and get two birdies on the 16th and 17th holes. The other chap had the wheel fall off somewhat and finished with three bogeys so they were tied. In the three hole playoff that followed the younger chap won by one stroke. When asked how he overcame the adversity of the bad hole he merely said “I planned my day to under-react to both the good and the bad plays.” His calm demeanour when combined with his skills and enthusiasm won the day.

" it ain't over till it's over."

- a “yogi-ism” – the famous Yankee catcher – Yogi Berra

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