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Communication. Over the past half century our ability to communicate with others has changed dramatically. Some of us can recall that a long distance call to Grandmother at Christmas or Easter was a major event. Even an actual visit was a significant event as car travel on old two lane roads was not what it is today on our big highways. Now the tools we have may have put us in a place where I often wonder if we over communicate or respond too hastily to a message or a query. In times past people took the time to consider their thoughts – composed a letter, wrote out by hand a proposal or idea, considered its implications before sending it my mail. Today we seem to be in the “TV Remote” frame of mind, clicking from one thing to another, seeing if there is something better, being in a hurry, and not always taking the considerate view. I worked for a great executive at one time who smoked a pipe. When asked about something he would take out his lighter and tamp the pipe, relight it, roll it in his mouth, take it out and look at it, all the while allowing his mind to address the issue at hand. He “bought time” so that he did not jump to a conclusion. Another great trait of some people is to “sleep on a problem or issue”, again allowing the mind to get clarity before they communicate their own thoughts. Great food for thought – the great devices we have available can be blessing but they can also be a curse!

" A wise man will not communicate his differing thoughts to unprepared minds, or in a disorderly manner.

- Benjamin Whichcote

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