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Wireless. All we seem to read about these days are wireless devices. They seem to want us to think that these are new things. I recall my first communications device – a crystal set – no wires, no battery, just a headphone (yes – way back then a headphone) and an antenna. This picked up radio waves and allowed you, via the crystal, to hear them. Depending on the strength of signal you could receive a number of stations. These are still available today – they just use a diode instead of a crystal. What has changed so significantly is what we now receive on a wireless basis and how we can respond. The internet, television signals, radio, and just about all forms of communication come to or are accessible by the range of devices. Some of us even remember that our mobile is actually also a phone at heart. What we have gained is the independent ability to access information, people, and entertainment. What we may have given up, if we are not careful, is our privacy. Recent events in England suggest that the devices we use can be breached and content modified or erased. Let’s all hope that steps are taken to provide additional elements of protection. In the final analysis it is up to each of us to look after ourselves. Take time to assess how you are using your devices and how you are ensuring that what you want to keep to yourself stays that way.

" The right of every person "to be let alone" must be placed in the scales with the right of others to communicate.

- Chief Justice Warren E. Burger

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