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Freeboard. Most of you likely know that freeboard is the space between the water line and the top of the side of a boat. This will vary depending on the size of the boat or ship but in every case it is critical to maintain this space in order to avoid being swamped. I want you to think for a moment that you are a boat cruising through your life. How much freeboard do you have? Is your boat weighted down with issues, challenges, problems, bad relationships, or stuff to the point where you feel you will be swamped? If so take a look around and start dumping some things overboard so that you increase the amount of freeboard that you have. Lightening the load will improve the efficiency of your boat and make it easier to get to your next mark.(your goals).

" At the moment we feel the boat was overloaded and they failed to take required precautionary measures.

- Salahuddin Haider

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