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Doubt. It seems to me that the word doubt creates more challenges for people than just about any other. Many of you have heard me talk about how we start school and get report cards (or whatever they deem them to be today). These tend to identify not only good performance but point out weaknesses that need to be fixed. This same approach is at play in our work environments when we have performance reviews. (The adult report card!) These reviews put doubt in our minds and create uncertainty as to whether we are good enough, or can do a job. They forget to focus on what we do well and how we should improve those
characteristics so that we develop a "unique ability" courtesy Dan Sullivan - The Strategic Coach) that permits us to focus on the positives and to ensure that we do things we love and that make a difference to our employers, clients, and others. How do you deal with doubt?

" Doubt is the father of all negative emotions and the thief that steals our
dreams and makes us all play it safe.

- Jose Feliciano

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