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Reflection. Do you ever sit quietly and think about the significant events
over your lifetime? When we are young we believe that we will never really age and be one of the older generation! As we progress through the milestones in our lives we tend to not only look forward (which is a critical thing to do) but look back at what has brought us to this point. The weekend just past marked a major transition for one of my best friends. I won't name him - he knows who he is! I have been fortunate to share many of the milestones in this person's life - and I have an image that seems to have forever etched itself on my brain - he and his then wife to be sitting on a sofa the day after I returned from my first trip to Bermuda. (I know - a long time ago!) We all looked like so many of the young people we see today who are at the same stage. What really has meaning is the impact we have all had not only through what we have done but what our children and our grandchildren are doing. It shows the power of individuals and couples.

Our character is a reflection of the friends we keep."

- Charles B. Goranson

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