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Experiences. This past week I attended a Media Conference for one of my clients in Orlando, in Walt Disney World. I did not get to spend more than a couple of hours at Epcot (it was adjacent to the resort where the meetings were being held). It is amazing to think that the vision of Walt Disney rings as true today as when he first announce these plans in the 1960’s. The scope of the facility is quite amazing, 47 square miles or twice the size of Bermuda or Manhattan. What really strikes you is the level and quality of the service – it is always at the highest level and focused on ensuring that all guests, whether on business or pleasure, are treated royally – as they say there “have a magical day”. If all business owners used this philosophy that many more would be successful – it is only via great client service tat you can sustain your business. What are you doing today to have “ a magical day”

" I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained."

- Walt Disney

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