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Opportunity. How many of us treat each new day as an opportunity to take advantage of what we have or to experience something new. If you sit for a cup of coffee at a coffee shop do you speak to anyone else while you are there? What are you missing by not chatting with someone to broaden your own experiences, developing a new friendship, or gaining insight into some area of knowledge that you have not had before. In these cases it is often not surprising that the other person knows someone in common with you or there is some form of event that actually connects you even though you have never met before. The next time you are in such a position see what you might learn by taking advantage of the opportunity to meet new people.

"Each new day presents us with the opportunity to live as though we never live before. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is promissory. Live today. That's all you've got. (written July 9, 2001)

- Babatunde A Fajimi

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