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Passion. Not to often do I get a new client who immediately recognizes that I bring more to the table than just my business and financial skills. A few weeks ago I was most fortunate to have just such an experience. After only one meeting this individual advised his partners that he had learned more from his first meeting with me than he had ever expected. When you can use your passion for something and combine that with the unique abilities that you have developed over the years of your career this can be a most satisfying experience. It is this combination that motivates one to continue to learn and develop further ways in which you can assist others. Similar to playing a golf game and hitting a really good shot – it keeps you coming back for more opportunities. How does your passion for doing things help you improve what you do and for whom you do it?

"The time which we have at our disposal every day is elastic; the passions that we feel expand it, those that we inspire contract it; and habit fills up what remains."

- Marcel Proust

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