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Doers and dreamers. The world is full of doers. These folks are critically
important in ensuring that things move forward and that jobs and processes get completed. More importantly the world needs dreamers, those folks who have visions of where we can go and how we can change and improve things. We met such folks in the past week or so who have taken their dream and moved forward to create new opportunities for youth in Bermuda. What is critical to appreciate when you meet these folks is they have taken their dream and acted upon it aggressively. Now that is when real change can take place. We hope to
be able to assist them in some manner to make this dream a significant
reality. Who can you help with their dream?

"The world needs dreamers and doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do."

- Sarah Ban Breathnach

Phone: (441) 238-1682
Fax: (441) 238-1674

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