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The real thing! As we know life works this way – no sooner had a written about hurricanes and we found ourselves in line for could have been a major category 4 hurricane - Igor! As it bore down on our small island the preparations were intense – for if it hit at this force it could be a major disaster. Many folks left the island to escape its potential wrath) including my own family with the grandchildren). It began its journey across the island late Friday and continued for abut the next 70 hours – an immense storm. Fortunately for us it lost a lot of its intensity and was a Level 1 storm as it crossed our shores. We all know its strength as it continued on to Canada and blasted Newfoundland! (When was the last time that happened?) Our preparations paid off and power was restored to 95% of the island by Monday afternoon. Storm cleanup continues as there was a lot of tree damage and our causeway to the airport again suffered some damage from the storm surges. Great preparation minimized the damage and speeded recovery.

"The best preparation for tomorrow is to do today's work superbly well.

- William Osler

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