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Conflicted. With the dramatic changes in our world over the last couple of years one now observes many people who are very concerned as to what they should do with their lives. For many of us who believe that we should discover our passion and work only on that so that we enjoy what we do and feel that we are helping others there are still many who do what they have to and sweep their own desires away. Recently I have become aware of a number of people who have looked at where they are and made the very difficult decision to change to something that they love to do, even if it has some negative economic consequences. We are reading about more people like this and I believe it will be a trend that continues. If you are conflicted as to what to do, seek some help to review what it Is you really love to do and carefully assess the implications of moving to this activity. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.

"Conflict acting on intelligence creates imagination. Faced with conflict, creatures are forced to imagine what will happen, where the next threat will come from. If there has never been conflict, imagination never develops. Wits arise in answer to danger, to pain, to tragedy. No one ever got smarter eating easy apples."

- Sheri S. Tepper

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