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Entrepreneurs. In these times it is now even more important for those folks with an entrepreneurial spirit to “stand up and be counted”. Small business accounts for over 50% of the employment in most countries and they are largely being ignored by Governments as they push ahead with these stimulus packages. Small business is critical to any recovery that can be achieved. In Bermuda we are working closely with the Bermuda Small Business Development Corporation as well as the banks to provide programs that will assist small business in these difficult times. What are you doing to help promote and encourage small business in your community? Help where you can and use their services.

" Champions are pioneers, and pioneers get shot at. The companies that get the most from champions, therefore, are those that have rich
support network so their pioneers will flourish. This point is so
important it's hard to overstress. No support systems, no champions.
No champions, no innovations.

- Tom Peters, Author of In Search of Excellence

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