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Gifts. Our Bermuda families celebrated Christmas last Friday evening. With several of us going north and Karen and I south, the two families ( 12 in total) got together with all five grandchildren. It was a fantastic evening as Christmas is about the real gifts that we have - our family and friends. It brought the parents and grandparents so much pleasure to observe the children. From the eldest going almost crazy when he realized (a bit of trickery on our part) that his big present was the Babolat tennis racquet that he coveted to the smallest - 11 month old Lyla getting great delight from climbing on the packages. She received a table type play surface that helps her learn new things. It was amazing to watch her stand for over two minutes without her realizing that she was actually doing that - she was so engrossed in the new toy! When she did - boom - an immediate sit down. But she was squealing with delight! Our greatest gift besides being able to be part of this was a picture album of a recent photo shoot of our daughter and her family. Incredible pictures that moved you almost to tears - one of privileges of aging - watching your babies create loving families. We hope that all of you are equally as fortunate as us!

“ Christmas is the family time, the good time of the year. "

- Samuel Johnson

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