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Teamwork. We hear all about this given the focus on team sports in our part of the world. When you are in the process of building your business the creation of a unique team can help move your progress more quickly and effectively. Finding the right people is of far great importance than just finding a person who can fill a chair. In our meetings in Toronto a few weeks ago the comment was made to us by one of our advisors that “he had never seen a group involved in a small business so coordinated and in sync!” The results we are starting to realize evidences the truth of building a team of great people all focused on the same objective.

eamwork is neither "good" nor "desirable." It is a fact. Wherever people work together or play together they do so as a team. Which team to use for what purpose is a crucial, difficult and risky decision that is even harder to unmake. Managements have yet to learn how to make it."

- Peter F. Drucker

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