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Distance. Over the holiday period there is a significant amount of travel. In the past week or so we had a business partner again come to Bermuda from Australia. I think back to my childhood (I know - a long time ago!) and how it was a big deal to take our new car and go see the grandparents. This was a two and a half hour drive on old narrow and winding roads - I recall thinking that it took forever. Now we cover that distance in an hour or so by car, go half across a continent in a jet and watch rockets go to other planets. Interesting how our perception of distance changes. Think of other assumptions you had in years past and how the events in our world have redefined these concepts and our perception of them. What do you do to take advantage of these "new' realities"?

" The cause of laughter is simply the sudden perception of the incongruity between a concept and the real project".

- Arthur Schopenhauer

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