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Pressure. How often do you feel pressured as a result of action by other people? Why is it that you have to react to what other people want, particularly when the request is on short notice, such that you feel that a large weight has been placed on your shoulders? It seems that I come across clients who feel this way more often than not. It strikes me that too often our lives are "run" by people who have neither the right nor the sense to recognize that this approach alienates those around them and contributes to their own failures. If this is happening to you take steps to make those people aware that you would prefer to work with some warning of deadlines.

" The fact is that people's behaviour is mostly about them, not you. It's an important perspective to keep in mind. It will not only reduce your stress, but will help you to be a more open-minded, understanding person as well. "

- Dr. David Posen

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