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Technology. It seems that everyday a newer form of technology is announced to make our lives easier. Lately it has been involved with phones, the internet, and music players. There is no doubt that many of these advances do give us greater flexibility and enhance our ability to communicate with each other, to learn and do research, and to enjoy entertainment. I do wonder whether or not we are too connected sometimes. We jump every time our cell phones ring, get on the internet to check email and other news and what interests us, and stay plugged into our Ipods and other devices. I recall my own youth as a pleasant one with time to do many things and this was without all of the gizmos that we have today. When do we make time for people not things?

" ...we live in a culture of relentless, round-the-clock boosterism for science and technology. With each new discovery and invention, the virtues are always oversold, the drawbacks understated. Who can forget the freely mobile society of the automobile, the friendly atom, the paperless office, the impending crisis of too much leisure time, or the era of universal education ushered in by television? We now hear the same utopian claims about the Internet. But everyone knows science and technology are inevitably a mixed blessing. (from Ritual Abuse, Hot Air, and Missed Opportunities
SCIENCE 5 March 1999; 283 (5407): 1461) "

- Michael Crichton

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