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Adversity. It is reasonable to state that all of us face adversity more often than we might like over our lifetimes. It is always interesting when you meet new people and find out just what they have overcome during their life to date. I find these instances inspiring when one recognizes that all of us face many challenges and in responding to these challenges we create our futures. The "bad" things that happen to all of us allow us to find ways to move forward and to develop new ideas and new opportunities. We met just such a person a few weeks ago and her story was one of great loss and how she coped by doing things a day at a time and many years later she has a great family and a great career where she helps many people. Let’s all look at the adversities we face and commit to learning from these and looking to the future.

"Fresh activity is the only means of overcoming adversity."

- Goethe

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