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Doing nothing. I read a great little book in the past week. It is called "The art of Doing Nothing". As many of you know that is a real challenge for me so reading this little book really did get me thinking. Over the next year I will cover some of the ideas in this short but meaningful little book. I did a booster on meander some time ago and it is interesting that this book began with water and how it makes up 70% of the earth’s surface and, in turn, 70% of our bodies. This book suggests that, like water, we are meant to meander and let the water that forms so much of us find it own way. Too often we fight against this in order to reach goals or do what we feel is most important at that time. Take a step back and let the water in your body allow you to meander.

" Leisure is being allowed to do nothing."

- G.K. Chesterton".

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