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Storms. Over the past week there have been many forms of winter storms affecting people in many different ways. Cancellations of schools, business closings, missed travel opportunities, and general disruption of the normal flow of life. People’s reactions to these are interesting to observe. You hear many complaints and comments about the terrible inconvenience it is and how it has really put plans in limbo or on hold. On the other hand there are those, and for a change, I did observe some interviews with these folks during the storm who took advantage of the storm to play in the snow with their children, making snow angels and forts, taking them back to their childhood memories. If we step back and look at our lives and businesses how do you react to the "storms" that often affect your ability to move towards your goals? Action works – go with the change and determine how to take advantage of the new opportunity.

" If you are caught on the golf course during a storm and are afraid of lightening, hold up a 1-iron. Not even God can hit a 1-iron. "

- Lee Trevino

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