David Hills, C.A. has provided counseling services to more than 650 North American and 350 Bermuda businesses since 1985. His easy going nature combined with a deep understanding of the inner workings of small and mid-size business have given a substantial leg up to both fledgling businesses and the more well established operations. His aim has always been to make business owners not only survive but also to grow the business beyond the hopes they establish for themselves. David and his team have focused primarily on building the financial and operational success of business.

With the addition of two senior professional resources SBA is now positioned to broaden the range of programs and services offered to the small and medium-sized (SME’s) in Bermuda. The new team members bring many years experience in strategic planning and financial management.

According to David, " These new programs will assist our clients in developing cohesive, coordinated, and effective programs and processes for managing their businesses. The new Alliances that SBA has created both within Bermuda and in other countries will assist SBA in ensuring that we provide the best level of services to existing and new clients."

SBA looks forward to ensuring that SME’s in Bermuda take advantage of all of their opportunities for growth and profitability while allowing the owners to have a high quality of life and attain their life goals.


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